Little Gulls & Buoys​​

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Little Gulls & Buoys

St Peter's Community Centre

Hangleton Road


BN3 7LQ.

Our ethos

Our approach is to focus on the things that matter the most…

           A rich and stimulating learning environment with resources and activities to reflect and stimulate                        children’s natural curiosity and imagination. 

           An enjoyment and appreciation of the great outdoors! Trips to local areas, time in our secluded grassy                  garden, exploring nature in our forest school sessions, or just taking our lovely resources outside…we                  make sure children have as much exposure to fresh air and nature as possible. 

           Our staff are highly qualified, skilled and experienced and form strong bonds with the children to help                them achieve and celebrate their goals and set new ones. They role model respect for others, kindness                and compassion to the children and reward their positive behaviour. 


           We build partnerships with our parents to work together to make sure your child is happy, secure and

           confident. We keep you informed on the little details and the big picture…from daily sheets,          

           newsletters, online development record, our ‘what’s on’ and parent display boards, and busy social        

           media accounts you can see all the fun we have!

​We keep our numbers small - less than the average school class size - but our child to adult ratios large. So in our spacious setting there's plenty of space to explore, to create a masterpiece or curl up in a cosy den with a book. To come together or be within small peer groups.

If we sound like just the sort of place for you and your child then we’d love to welcome you!

Little Gulls & Buoys​​

Little Gulls & Buoys​​

Who we are

A Pre-School Nursery in Hove for 2-5 year olds

A Pre-School Nursery in Hove for 2-5 year olds