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A Pre-School Nursery in Hove for 2-5 year olds

Little Gulls & Buoys​​

How we do things

A Pre-School Nursery in Hove for 2-5 year olds

Little Gulls & Buoys​​

Little Gulls & Buoys

St Peter's Community Centre

Hangleton Road


BN3 7LQ.

Learning environment & Curriculum

​​We've taken great care to provide a learning environment that children will love and can call their own. From exciting resources to bright displays and activities led by children's interests, Little Gulls & Buoys is a fun place for children to learn and develop, to make friends, and some lasting memories. 

​Through a combination of our resources, displays, activities and trips we create the right environment for children to learn, be challenged and inspired and to work towards being 'school ready' for when the time comes. 

Underpinning all of this is the Early Years Statutory Framework (EYFS) which sets out the seven areas of learning: Communication & Language; Personal, Social & Emotional Development; Physical Development; Maths; Literacy; Understanding the World and Expressive Arts & Design. 

       Rich, stimulating resources

Our resources are hand picked to provide maximum fun and feed little imaginations. They also provide great learning opportunities through creative play. Our hand-made dens provide cosy spots to take a favourite toy or book and our custom made play house becomes whatever the children are into at that time...a cafe, a beach hut, a bus, library, shop or more! 

We also have areas for messy and tactile play, drawing and painting, role play, construction, physical play, small world, reading, writing, and more.

Outdoors we have an outdoor den, mud kitchen, and lots of natural resources for physical and imaginative play. 

​      Lively, colourful displays

Children's artwork is celebrated on our walls and learning opportunities experienced, and those yet to be had, can be seen through our displays for phonics, numbers, maths, families, communities, the seasons and more. 

       Fun, exciting activities led by children's interests

We plan our activities around the children's interests and their development. Through our observations we plan for the next steps to help the children build on their existing skills and learn new ones. Our trips and outings bring the learning to life and inspire the children's interests further. 

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