A Pre-School Nursery in Hove for 2-5 year olds

Little Gulls & Buoys​​

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Little Gulls & Buoys​​

Little Gulls & Buoys

St Peter's Community Centre

Hangleton Road


BN3 7LQ.

A Pre-School Nursery in Hove for 2-5 year olds

Little Gulls & Buoys​​

How we do things

8am                We welcome children with us for the morning or the full day into the pre-school and                              to the self-registration area. Breakfast is available from 8am to 8.45am. Following                                    breakfast children can enjoy free play with their friends, exploring the different                                        learning areas.

9.30am          Circle time is one of the children’s favourite parts of the day…stories, singing, talking                            about the day ahead and our current projects, we have fun coming together as a                                        group.

9.45am – 12  Free play indoors and outdoors exploring the resources and the new activities set up by                          the team. Some adult led activities might include forest school sessions, music,                                        baking, crafts or exploratory play with new materials. 

                         Snack time is from 10am with a range of healthy options for the children to choose                                  from.

12 noon          Lunch is served! Our hot lunches are provided by the talented chefs at Little Tums.                                  Children have the chance to serve themselves and each other with food and drink and                            enjoy a nice social part of the day.

1pm                A quieter time of the day where those children that sleep can take a nap in a quiet                                      room and others can enjoy a book or some more restful activities to recharge the                                      batteries.

2-4pm          More fun and learning opportunities through free flow play and adult led play with an                             afternoon snack also included during this time. The children wind down for the day                                 with a final story before saying goodbye to their friends.      

Our day

Children like routine, to know what comes next and how the day flows, but they also like some spontaneity and new experiences so our day reflects this…a mix of the known and familiar with our set mealtimes and group times, and the new and exciting with the day’s activities and changing themes.


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