Little Gulls & Buoys​​

Little Gulls & Buoys​​

Little Gulls & Buoys

St Peter's Community Centre

Hangleton Road


BN3 7LQ.

Who we are

Little Gulls & Buoys​​

A Pre-School Nursery in Hove for 2-5 year olds

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01273 773464


A Pre-School Nursery in Hove for 2-5 year olds

Our shared values

To create a harmonious environment where all children are respected, valued, listened to and have a say and where we recognise and celebrate our differences and uniqueness, we have developed a concept called 'our shared values'. This ties in nicely with the Department for Education's fundamental British Values and our policy for how we embed these values in practice.

Our shared values and ways in which we demonstrate them are:

​          Freedom of choice

           ​Children can choose from our resources to play with the toys that suit their mood and interests at that moment. They can play inside or outside and they can decide if they would like a snack at snack time. Giving children choice within the little society that is our nursery helps them develop their self-esteem, self-awareness, confidence and independence. They know that at all times there is an adult there to help them in their choices. ​


          Making decisions together
At group time we give the children the opportunity to decide collectively on the story and songs they would like to enjoy at group time. We also decide together on things such as having picnics outside, themes for our play house and so on. 

           Respecting each other
        ​We teach the children to be kind and respectful to each other, to take turns and share. We do this through our circle time discussions, praise and other techniques from our promoting positive behaviour policy and role modelling. We also promote tolerance and equality and recognise that we all have similarities and we are all different too and that's what helps make us unique. We learn about other cultures and faiths during the year.  

           Our golden rules

​        In conjunction with the children we've created our own 'golden rules' which we abide by and the children remind each other of during their play when needed. These riles cover things such as sharing toys, being gentle to each other, not shouting, respecting our environment and listening to each other. 


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